SALETÈ is a brand who's sole mission is to inspire, bring inspiration, hope, & encourage others to embrace being different. SALETÈ is built on faith for influencers, creators, visionary, & believers. It's our sole mission to inspire this generation, to have faith, believe in their purpose & their dreams, by providing a style clothing that reminds us to always plant our seeds and to have faith & watch it grow. 




Our vision is to bring Inspiration, Hope, Courage, and instead of fitting in, you are made to stand out. We are providing unique designs and branded fashion apparel for urban youth with style. SALETÈ products presents a positive outlook on courage, hope inspiration and more.

Welcome to the SALETÈ Lifestyle!





Message from Founder

       Hello my name is Nasir M. Campbell the CEO and founder of Saletè and Maliek Dance Theater. I started my clothing brand at the age of 23 years old. I started this brand for people to stand out, instead of fitting in. Saletè is a french word, which mean dirt in english. I chosen dirt because it's an acronym of Double In Right Time. I can testify of my testimony, God has bless me more then I can Imagine. I went through hard times, ups and down and being mistreated. Sometime I just wanted to give up, but I kept pushing. So many doors closed in my face and I got told no so many times because of the color of my skin. Im proud and embrace my skin color and I kept on pressing.  God bless me with a opportunity on Sunday and I give praise and thanks. My parents and I couldn't afford college for my junior year and have no way of paying for it. On a Monday afternoon, I received  a called that I don't have to pay for college for junior and part of my senior year. I didn't know where the money came from and I received my double in right time. I planted my seed, water it with my tears, had patience and faith and watch my blessing grow. I want  my consumer to wear my brand with pride, to stand out, instead of fitting in and received their double in right time.